Malaria Diagnostics Technology and Market Landscape (3rd Edition)

  • Originally published on 23 August 2016
    Posted on 30 August 2016

The 2016 Malaria diagnostics technology and market landscape is part of a broad and ongoing effort to understand the technology and market landscapes for malaria diagnostics. 

This landscape report, the third edition, is intended to complement these earlier reports, stimulating discussion and informing potential opportunities for market intervention to improve access to effective malaria diagnostics. To serve this purpose, this report:

  • reviews the public health problem of malaria and critical access issues related to malaria diagnostics (Section 3);

  • describes current regulatory and quality programmes for malaria diagnostics (Section 4);

  • summarizes the malaria diagnostics technology landscape, including a review of existing technologies and the research and development (R&D) agenda, progress in key areas and market challenges related to technology development (Section 5);

  • analyses the malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDT) market (Section 6);

  • identi es major market shortcomings and resulting opportunities to improve

    access through market-based approaches (Sections 7 and 8);

  • includes several annexes that provide additional detail on items discussed in this report, including pro les of technologies that are suf ciently far along in their development (Annex 4).

    A dynamic understanding of existing and forthcoming technologies is key for UNITAID in facilitating access to appropriate malaria diagnostic tools through market-based interventions. As such, this landscape is intended to be a living document, updated as the malaria diagnostics market evolves, to highlight potential opportunities for market-based interventions to improve access to effective malaria diagnostic commodities. 

Previous editions of this landscape report are available at: http://www. 

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